BoomChair Gaming Chairs

Extreme Gaming Devices is Proud to announce a full range of BoomChair Gaming Chairs from Lumisource. Check out our expanding collection!.



The Ultimate HOTAS
for Flight Simulation

Now In Stock!

Get Some Laps In!

Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition

Folding, Wireless Racing Cockpit
Now In Stock!

BoomChair Gaming Chairs
a must-have
for any serious gamer!

Free Play Wireless completely portable wireless game chair!

StealthSwitch II get your feet into the action!

TrackIR 5 for serious Flight Sim enthusiasts now in stock!


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About ExtremeGamingDevices

Who We Are

ExtremeGamingDevices is a division of Micwil Group of Companies Ltd., a provincial corporation formed January 1st, 2008 and operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our original company name was Micwil Computer Consulting which reflected our original business model which was to provide dedicated computer sales, service, upgrades, training and troubleshooting. Our commitment to a high level of customer service and belief in personalized customer service for every client was always an integral component of our business philosophy. As Micwil Computer Consulting became more and more specialized in the area of gaming and performance products, it was decided to form a new division exclusively dedicated to servicing our gaming hardware customers.

ExtremeGamingDevices .com was launched on July 1st, 2004, providing a gaming hardware portal for the company with a focus on high performance products for serious gamers. Our goal was (and continues to be) to provide not just a source for these products in Canada but also provide a reliable reference source for information on these types of products. In consultation with our customers and other ergonomic professionals we work with, we continue to expand our range of products and manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

One of the most difficult challenges facing a serious gamer looking for high performance products is finding a single source where the products can be compared and obtained at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to continually increase our range of products to ensure that we offer any product available anywhere in the world at a reasonable price. We want to be the only place Canadians need to shop for high performance gaming products.

In some cases we also act as a Canadian representative for specialty gaming hardware manufacturers, providing them with a fulfillment solution (i.e. distribution throughout Canada) in addition to acting as a technical support centre, manufacturer representative, warranty depot and customer service centre for their Canadian customers. If you are a manufacturer and would like more information, please see our Corporate Site.

Our Facilities

Unlike many companies who have abandoned the 'bricks and mortar' model, we have made a conscious decision to not be known only as a virtual entity in cyberspace. At right you can see a picture of ExtremeGamineDevices 's current office / warehouse complex in Saskatoon. We have a large showroom allowing us to display our products in addition to offices for all our staff and of course our large warehouse in which we typically keep enough product to meet the demand of our customers for a 3 - 6 month period.

The Micwil Building (pictured below) is at 102 Wheeler Street in Saskatoon, in the new commercial area north of the Silverwood golf course. Please call for an appointment to visit our showroom.

Micwil Warehouse Saskatoon

Maintaining Inventory

Rather than adopting the increasingly prevalent 'just in time' approach to stocking product, we believe in stocking products 'just in case'. Often with small specialty manufacturers there will be production issues or delays which can result in supply issues. We insulate our customers from the 'vaguaries' of production by maintaining enough stock to carry us through temporary shortages that the manufacturer may experience.

When it comes to high performance gaming hardware, when one decides it is needed, that demand must filled as quickly as possible.  This is why we keep all our products in stock in our Saskatoon warehouse, allowing us to offer next day delivery when needed to most of Canada. This ensures that a lack of availability of product will rarely impact the desire to optimize a gaming computer system.

Our Staff

Michael Craggs, BA, LLB is the President and founder of Micwil Group of Companies Ltd. He has degrees in Economics, Political Studies and Law, and has been involved in the computer industry since 1989. His decades of experience in the computer industry and over a decade of experience in handling gaming hardware products have given him excellent knowledge of the effectiveness and applications of various devices.

ExtremeGamingDevices has a number of dedicated full time employees who work in various capacities in the organization to ensure that we can provide potential customers with objective information and product analysis. We know how to ask the 'right' questions of customers in order to help identify the piece of gaming hardware (if any) which has the best chance of meeting the expectations of each customer. Our entire staff is here to ensure that products are compared, presented and considered fairly.

Do you think you have the skills, talent and experience to become a productive and integral member of the ExtremeGamingDevices team? Contact us - we are hiring!
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