USB (1.1 or 2.0)

PC (Windows XP/Vista)

Programmable Functions:
16 custom functions

400/800/1600/2000 DPI

Depth: 7.5" (5.5" without glide pad)
Width: 4"
Height: 2"

Package Includes:
Sandio 3DGameO2
Wrist Support / Glide Pad
Installation CD
Quick Start Guide

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Keyboards and Mice

Sandio 3D Game O2

Sandio 3D Gaming Mouse

Is input or motion control the weakest link in your 3D experience? Are you using outdated 2D input devices for 3D applications like Second Life and World of Warcraft? Are you looking for that competitive edge in your gaming?

For the first time, you can move along and rotate about the x, y, z axes (forwards, backwards,sideways, pitch, yaw and roll) using only a mouse without having to use your keyboard. To see a graphical chart of the different movements, click here.

The world's first 3D Laser Mouse is an integration of a full 3D 6DOF motion controller with a top-of-the-line traditional 2D mouse. It is designed to enhance the 3D experience in 3D Internet applications and many of the best 3D games by giving the user a full range of control in one hand.

Experience 3D Environments the way they were meant to be!

The Sandio 3D Gaming Mouse includes more than 40 pre-programmed PC game configurations. With 3D Input Management Software, users can customize the Sandio 3D mouse to enjoy more, and maybe to gain some unfair advantage, on all RTS, RPG and FPS games.

It also comes with the latest Sandio 3D Input Device Support Software, Version 2.1, whichoffers the auto-loading feature of drivers for the following 3D applications:

  • 3D Internet: Google Earth, and Microsoft Virtual Earth
  • 3D CAD: Google SketchUp (both camera mode and object mode)
  • 3D Virtual World: the Second Life
  • 3D Application: Microsoft Photosynth

Check out the Benefits of a 3D Mouse for PC Gamers

First Person Shooters (FPS)

  • Use the Sandio Game O2 for navigation and the keyboard for hotkeys. You can free the left hand for game commands instead ofswitching between navigation and hot keys.
  • OR use the keyboard to navigate while using the 3D mouse buttonsfor hot keys.
  • Communicate better with teammate
  • Invent new moves and duplicate them easier
  • Up to 16 customizable commands at your fingertips
  • Adapt the mouse to your gaming style!
  • Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time

Real Time Strategy (RTS)

  • Gain significant time advantages
  • Rapidly and effectively execute hot keys
  • Intuitively control camera angles and views
  • Manage your units more efficiently
  • Up to 16 programmable buttons
  • Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time

Role Playing Games (RPG) &Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)

  • Improve navigation
  • Map important commands to 3D Mouse buttons
  • More accurate execution of commands
  • Ergonomic design for comfort during longer gaming sessions
  • Effortlessly and Intuitively manipulate camera views
  • Up to 16 additional easily accessible commands
  • Your imagination is the limit of how you tailor the mouse to fit yourgaming needs!
  • Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time


  • Multiple DPI levels (400, 800, 1600, and 2000)
  • On-the-fly DPI Adjustment (change dpi instantly)
  • Audible and visible DPI Confirmation (unique voice reporting on dpi change with colour changing scroll wheel)


The operation of the Game O2 3D Mouse is easy. Objects and camera views change in thesame direction as simple finger gestures. The object or camera view moves forward whenthe user pushes, backward when they pull, and turns when they twist their fingers.


The detachable glide plate enables you to relax and rest your hand completely without contact with your mousing surface. The large teflon glide surface enables extremely smooth movement at all DPI settings.


Users can assign up to 16 desired commands to the programmable buttons. To see an example of how this can enhance your gaming experience in World of Warcraft click here.




  • 3D Gaming - Bring 3D to a new level of reality with fingertip control of your character for quicker response and more realistic feel.
  • 3D Production Applications - True 3D control enables a new freedom in 3D applications. Free up a hand for keyboard or writing while enhancing your onscreen control.


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