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Keyboards and Mice


X7G100 Gaming Keyboard Pro by A4tech
Add another weapon to your arsenal with the X7G100 Gaming Keyboard Pro. Custom swappable keyset overlays will help you keep track of those elusive time-saving shortcuts. And you don't have to worry when the gaming gets intensive, the keyboard is waterproof so a sudden spill doesn't have to interrupt the action anymore.

L-Trac Trackball by Clearly Superior Technologies
The New L-Track High Performance Laser Trackball from Clearly Superior Technologies introduces "laser tracking". Especially well-equipped for multi-screen setups, this enables you to target with single pixel accuracy or move with unprecedented speed.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard by Saitek
Looking for that edge in your game? No longer do you have to enter lengthy commands key by key. This rugged, backlit keyboard features a Programmable Command Pad which offers up to 27 programmable one-touch commands or macros.

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse by Saitek
The Cyborg R.A.T.7 brings performance and design together in a gaming mouse of a new genre. Featuring adjustable length, width and weight it sets a new standard with DPI adjustable from 25 to 5600. Rugged aluminum frame and creative design round out this unique mouse. A mouse for those who demand both style and performance and want to customize a mouse to THEIR needs.

3D Game O2 by Sandio Technology USA
The 3DGameO2 mouse by Sandio device is the ultimate high-performance mouse for Extreme 3D Game Action!

Evolution MouseTrack by Itac
This trackball features a large sculpted support on a long housing, making it ideal for individuals with very large or long hands. The Evolution is designed for intense extended use. It's ergonomic design supports the hand, allowing it to rest while still maintaining optimum position for usage.


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