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ExtremeGamingDevices is a division of Micwil Group of Companies Ltd., a provincial corporation formed January 1st, 2008 and operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our original company name was Micwil Computer Consulting which reflected our original business model which was to provide dedicated computer sales, service, upgrades, training and troubleshooting. Our commitment to a high level of customer service and belief in personalized customer service for every client was always an integral component of our business philosophy. As Micwil Computer Consulting became more and more specialized in the area of gaming and performance products, it was decided to form a new division exclusively dedicated to servicing our gaming hardware customers.
ExtremeGamingDevices .com was launched on July 1st, 2004, providing a gaming hardware portal for the company with a focus on high performance products for serious gamers. Our goal was (and continues to be) to provide not just a source for these products in Canada but also provide a reliable reference source for information on these types of products. In consultation with our customers and other ergonomic professionals we work with, we continue to expand our range of products and manufacturers.
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