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Gaming Eyewear

by Gunnar Optics

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Detailed Product Information

Gunnar Gaming Eyewear

Viewing a never-ending stream of digital information and images can lower visual performance. GUNNAR Optiks' eyewear helps to enhance and adapt the human eye through precision optics specifically mastered for digital data consumption. GUNNAR eyewear is also designed to combine performance, precision, technology and style to help combat Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF) and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Choose from four designs:

Catalyst Edge

The Catalyst Edge line has rimless lens with sleek profile, integrated modular frame, and sculpted metal hinges.

Attache Phenom

The Attache Phenom line has magnesium/aluminum alloy frames, internal spring hinges, and thermally molded polymer traction points.

Metallic Rocket

The Metallic Rocket line has plasma-cut from a single sheet of high tensile stainless steel (no welds or seams), subtly flared lenses, and a dropped bridge crossbar.

Sphere Halogen

The Sphere Halogen line has high-tensile micro-tubular frames, internal hinges with non-visible hinge stops, and precision injected polymer temples, and highly wrapped split-lens (the perfect balance of moisture retension and venting).

Technical Specifications
  • Catalyst Edge: Model #:
    R6638-C001 (Onyx)
    R6638-C005 (Ash)
    • Lens: 2.3" W x 1.2" H (58 mm x 30 mm)
    • Temple: 4.7" L (120 mm)
    • Nose bridge: 0.6" W (14 mm)
    • Distance between temples: 5.1" (130 mm)
  • Attache Phenom: Model #:
    ST002-C001 (Onyx)
    ST002-C012 (Graphite)
    • Lens: 2.1" W x 1.1" H (54 mm x 28 mm)
    • Temple: 5.2" L (133 mm)
    • Nose bridge: 0.5" W (12 mm)
    • Distance between temples: 5.2" (132 mm)
  • Metallic Rocket: Model #:
    G002-C001 (Onyx)
    G002-C011 (Mercury)
    • Lens: 2.2" W x 1.2" H (57 mm x 30 mm)
    • Temple: 5.1" L (130 mm)
    • Nose bridge: 0.7" W (17.5 mm)
    • Distance between temples: 5.2" (131 mm)
  • Sphere Halogen: Model #:
    L6089/2-C001 (Onyx)
    L6089/2-C005 (Ash)
    • Lens: 2.5" W x 1.3" H (64 mm x 32 mm)
    • Temple: 4.7" L (120 mm)
    • Nose bridge: 0.7" W (18 mm)
    • Distance between temples: 5.2" (132 mm)
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Model #DescriptionPrice
G002-C001 Onyx model80.00
G002-C011 Mercury model80.00
R6638-C001 Onyx model120.00
R6638-C005 Ash model120.00
L6089/2-C001 Onyx model180.00
L6089/2-C012 Gunnar Glasses, Halogen, Graphite.180.00
ST002-C001 Onyx model100.00
ST002-C012 Graphite model100.00

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