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RBT Rebel Real Mouse 1.112

by Quadraclicks Gaming

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Detailed Product Information

Quadraclicks Gaming

Rebel Real Mouse

Speed and Accuracy are necessary in any gaming scenario. But over time those lengthy and intense gaming sessions often begin to take a toll on the fingers and hand. Traditional mouse design actually "leads" to painful hand and finger conditions that can be career-ending for any gamer. The repetitive high-speed clicking and tension from "anticipating" the next action can leave the healthiest of people unable to even hold or click a mouse, let alone being able to engage in what used to be an enjoyable and challenging experience.

The RBT Rebel Real Mouse addresses these common issues facing gamers. The RBT (Rabbit) doesn't have the stylistic or streamlined look that gaming mice usually come with, in fact, let's be honest, it actually looks a bit "kludgy". If "appearance" is what you are looking for the RBT is not the mouse for you. However, if you are serious about your gaming and want to ensure that your hands will last it may be the ideal solution. Hidden within that awkward-looking mouse is a high-performance sensor and enhanced accuracy. And you get these both while saving your hands.

Mousing Clicking Re-Defined (and Improved)

Unlike traditional mice where the optimized click force occurs at the fingertips, the RBT Rebel Real Mouse uses a "reverse" design on the buttons. This means that the fronts of the buttons where the clicks would normally be generated are actually "fixed". This permits the fingers to rest on the front edge of the buttons and use this as an additional point of control for cursor movement and targeting. Conventional mice do not offer this ability as the end of the mouse is dynamic and where the mouse button clicks are generated. Moving the click to the back of the buttons eliminates the "hovering" or "cocked finger" posture that is common with the usage of traditional "front click" mice. Eliminating this action can significantly decrease or eliminate the risk of developing Trigger Finger in the index finger, a common disabling and potentially painful condition where the finger wants to "lock" in place.

The "reverse activation" concept moves the activation back towards the palm of hand, with the triggering action being generated by the first finger section above the palm - the metacarpals. Because the activation occurs much earlier in the finger significantly less force and movement is required, which reduces the load on the finer structures further along towards the fingertips

Because the RBT accommodates the "resting" of the fingers at the front of the buttons and eliminates the hovering action there is also potential for it to decrease the degree of Wrist Extension that is experienced with most "traditional" mice. In addition, because the fingertips are not "tapping" the buttons there is less reason for the nerves to become overly sensitized as can happen with other mice.


The RBT Rebel Mouse features a rubberized scroll wheel with crisp detents, featuers a Pixart PWM 3336 sensor with 6 DPI settings (ranging from 500 - 10,800), and Back/Forward buttons above the thumb rest. Rapid movement is supported up to 50G Acceleration and 250 IPS. It is sized to best suit small to average sized hands although those with larger hands may still be able to benefit from some of the features.

The RBT mouse is Plug-and-Play on both PC and Mac OS. There is also a downloadable Windows driver that can be used to customize DPI settings, Polling Rate, and the six programmable buttons

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RBT REBEL Real<br>Mouse - Front
Mouse - Front

RBT Rebel Real<br>Mouse - Profile
RBT Rebel Real
Mouse - Profile

RBT Mouse
RBT Mouse

RBT Mouse<br>Illuminated Logo
RBT Mouse
Illuminated Logo

RBT Mouse
RBT Mouse

RBT Mouse
RBT Mouse

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions:
    Depth (front-to-back): 4.5 (11.4 cm)
    Width: 2.375" (6 cm)
    Height: 1.625 (4.1 cm)
  • Weight: 3.8 oz (107 grams)
  • Cord Length: 72" (1.83 m)
  • Interface: USB - Type-A
  • Colour: Black 2
  • Programmable (Windows):
    6 Programmable Buttons, Custom DPI & Polling Rate
    Windows Programmable Driver
  • Optical Sensor: Pixart PWM 3336
  • Rated DPI: 500/1000/2000/4000/6000/10800 DPI (fully customizable)
  • Movement: 250 IPS with 50 G Acceleration
  • Package Contents: RBT Rebel Real Mouse, Feature Card
  • 1 Year, Manufacturer Direct, Exchange Only: RBT Rebel Real Mouse, Feature Card
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